How it works

SCALEWORK is your trusted partner in building and maintaining data science solutions in the most efficient, secure and cost effective way.

Our services are focused on your project success:

We perform rigid interviews, testing and profiling of all experts admitted to our platform.

We ensure the world’s best matching of your challenges to our experts capabilities to ensure project success.

We offer a secure and trusted remote data collaboration environment.

We ensure our data experts are more effective than any other

freelancers, based on our precise industry and solution briefings and our large template solution repositories.

We handle all payment and contract obligations between all parties.

We act as your partner to support your project success 24/7.

We offer to host and maintain your resulting data science solutions for you.

Step by step

SCALEWORK ensures a problem-focused, efficient and successful collaboration between you and the best remote data experts around the world.

This is how it works


Tell us your business requirements via our 4-click Solution finder, select from our Services, or request a remote data expert right away.


Get immediate suggestion on data experts, project set-up and pricing.


Optional: schedule a brief call with our inhouse data expert managers to finalize your set-up.


Select the ideal set-up and simply start onboarding your project and data sources to our secure collaboration platform.


Receive your solution or get it hosted and maintained by SCALEWORK.

Client examples

This is a short list of client examples. For a more complete list, see Past solutions.

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Our Data Experts

SCALEWORK’s data experts can help you to solve your most pressing business problems leveraging the full potential of your data.


Our experts have various specializations both horizontally (i.e. from a technological and methodological perspective) as well as vertically (i.e. business function and industry) so we will be able to find the optimal support for your problem.


All specialists are thoroughly vetted to meet SCALEWORK’s quality standards. Every specialist is an expert in his domain and committed to solving your business problem in the best way possible.


All specialists think one step ahead, contributing with every part of their work to solve your problem. SCALEWORK experts foster a self-reliant and innovative working mode.

SCALEWORK offers various profiles of experts depending on your needs. The main categories of specializations SCALEWORK offers are

Data Scientists

Experts in methodology, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from data. They specify analytics methodology and data requirements for a business problem, compile the required data set and then build, evaluate and interpret mathematical models to solve a business problem.

AI Engineers

Experts in AI methodologies building systems that solve complex problems creating technology and machines that function in an intelligent manner. They use newest methodology from the fields of computer vision, natural language processing and robotics.

Data Engineers

Experts in AI methodologies building systems that solve complex problems creating technology and machines that function in an intelligent manner. They use newest methodology from the fields of computer vision, natural language processing and robotics.Experts in the setup, maintenance, and management of ETL processes and data pipelines. They are responsible for the generation, storage, maintenance, preparation, enrichment and transfer of data.

Data Architects

Experts in designing, building, deploying, and managing (cloud) infrastructures for data warehouses, big data and data-intensive applications. They are responsible identifying requirements for the IT infrastructure, setting up a big data IT stack, and managing the platform and tools.


Project managers and experts in communication between data and business experts. They manage data projects end-to-end, translate between business requirements and analytics experts and back and steer communication between business owner and technical experts.


Data visualization experts. They build customized visualizations and dashboards to create immediate insights into existing data pools and to generate recommendations for our clients’ tactical and strategic activities.


Experts in sustainable implementation of data-driven projects and business applications. They are responsible for ensuring the long-term integration of the results of a data project technically (i.e. into the existing IT infrastructure) and organizationally (i.e. helping to adapt existing business processes and establish a new way of working).

Meet some of SCALEWORK’s experts:

Markus, Senior Data Scientist & Translator

Michael holds a PhD in Statistics and has worked in Data Science for 8 years. He has been a data science lead for a major management consultancy firm and has managed data science projects across multiple industries such as telco, retail and energy. His clients benefit from his scientific background, his hands-on experience and the deep understanding of business problems and the ability to translate between business side and data science.

Thomas, Senior Data Engineer & Translator

Thomas is an experienced computer scientist with deep experience in IT infrastructure and big data technology. For the last 7 years he has worked as CTO in several tech start-ups building the IT stack from scratch and adapting it to the requirements of the developing businesses. Thomas helps his clients building secure and performant data platforms and production ready pipelines.

Frank, Translator

Frank holds a Master in software engineering and a BSc in Machine Learning. His professional experience includes technology consulting, private equity and management of data operations. Frank’s ability to deeply understand business problem and knowing how to solve them using data science helps his clients to find the right methodology and resources they need. He is brilliant at managing data science projects and achieving the business goals.

Tim, AI Engineer

Tim holds a Master of Computational Neuroscience and has been working as a machine learning engineer at various start-ups and as a freelancer. He is an expert in natural language processing with a deep understanding of the latest developments in this rapidly developing field of artificial intelligence. With his unique expertise Tim is able to support his client solving some of the hardest problems in AI.

David, Junior Data Scientist

David holds a BSc in Computer Science with a specialization in analytics. He has been working as a data analyst in a consultancy company serving clients across Europe. His field of expertise is data analysis and machine learning.

Eva, Junior Data Engineer

Eva has a BSc in Computer Science. She has been working as data analyst and engineer in consulting. Her specialization are big data technologies and ETL pipelines.

Our 6500 vetted data scientists cover a broad spectrum of skills and knowledge


+5000 | Python

+4200 | R

+3370 | SQL


+1560 | Data Visualization

+5300 | Machine Learning

+750 | Natural Language Processing


+4800 | Data Scientists

+390 | Data Engineers

+130 | AI Engineers

+100 | Data Architects

+700 | Designers

+130 | Translators

+130 | Implementers

Data Security

Data security is paramount to us and our clients. We appreciate the sensitivity of your data and ensure that it stays safe and that it complies with data security, data privacy, GDPR and HIPAA.

Even prior to our technological security measures, we ensure that we can trust our data experts:

  • We apply through vetting and background checks of any data experts admitted to our platform.
  • All experts must agree to our strict non-disclosure and confidentiality contracts.

In addition, we offer tools to ensure that you apply the right degree of anonymization or pseudonymization to your data to comply with any legal and confidentiality requirements.

Finally, we offer an infrastructure that keeps all sensitive data in your jurisdiction and on our secure servers. Data experts can only work on the data on our secure environment. Our infrastructure disables any downloading, copying or forwarding of your data beyond our environment.

You remain in full control of the data at all times and can grant and revoke access to the encrypted data for individual experts at all times.

As well as deleting the data without any copy left. So no matter which data expert you grant access via our platform, they can only perform your analysis or build your solution without taking your data with them. That’s how we make remote work secure.

Technical description of our remote set-up

Experts work remotely on our secured machines. They only get access via an encrypted video-stream from their local computer and our machine only receive keyboard commands. The video stream is encrypted and ensures that no data can leak. The experts cannot download any information from the virtual machine.

The work environment for each project that is delivered through SCALEWORK consists of its own VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) with strong security and encryption settings beyond market standard. The environment contains a powerful virtual machine, the client data for which the client granted access, preinstalled data tools like R, Jupyter Notebook, and additional services for data processing and visualization. All hard-drives and volumes are encrypted at rest.

The environment has no open connection to the internet to ensure compliance. Only client selected data experts can connect to the machine and work on the data. Experts cannot download or upload any of the data from the secured environment.

Our remote data experts are trained to work in these environments to deliver impactful solutions and powerful presentations.


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