The global go-to-place for data collaboration with the highest quality standards, highest project success rates and most cost-effective solutions.

SCALEWORK is founded around two core ideas.

First, we want to enable companies to finally leverage all their data potential in their daily operations and become more effective, data-driven organizations. Today, most companies struggle on this path for a number of reasons: Inexperience to anticipate potential impactful data science solutions; inability to translate project ideas into requirement; limited access to data experts and overly expensive and frustrating service providers in the market – just to name a few.

We want to enable all companies to simply benefit from powerful data science applications that drive their operational profitability.

Second, we want to connect the world around data science. We have experienced an abundance of brilliant experts around the world that have been overlooked or inaccessible by our clients so far. We want to bring transparency and trust to the global expert’s market to enable a global collaboration on our data projects.

The results is SCALEWORK. A marketplace that incorporates our deep domain expertise and experience from hundreds of data science projects. We wanted to create the global go-to-place for data collaboration with the highest quality standards, highest project success rates and most cost-effective solutions.

Welcome to SCALEWORK.

We love impact, transparency and simplicity.

Throughout our careers we have helped many companies scale their data-driven organizations, but we could also see limitless companies struggle to create sustainable impact from data.

With SCALEWORK, we want to offer all companies to realize the power of data, irrespective of their internal level of digitization or analytics capability. We want to make data impact as simple and cost effective as possible.

Frederic Krahforst


Frederic loves to scale businesses on data. He has a engineering background in machine learning and cybersecurity, but spent most of his career on the management side.

He was responsible for data strategy and operations of one of Europe’s largest media conglomerates and co-founded a company to detect money laundering patterns in banking data.

He is also one of the leading figures behind the creation of Europe’s largest data joint venture between Germany’s three leading media companies.


Tobias Nendel


Tobias is passionate about building secure, high performance big data infrastructures. He is also a serial entrepreneur of four successful businesses.

He developed the tech organizations for a big data pharma SaaS business as well as for of one of the most successful fashion ecommerce retailers in Germany.

His university background is in Bio Informatics and Information Systems.


Michael Bücker (Prof. Dr.)


Michael loves a tough problem to solve. As a mathematician by heart, he sources from his deep fundamental understanding of today’s analytics and ai methods. He also loves to share his wisdom as acting Professor for Data Science.

In his past career he developed custom data science solutions for over hundreds of clients worldwide at one of the leading global strategy consultancies.



Our idea was initially born at Oxford University where we still enjoy the strong technology and data science research eco system.

Our second office is located in the heart of Munich, Germany. Simply email us or call us to make an appointment at one of our offices.

Wayra Telefonica Kaufingerstr. 15
80331 Munich, Germany

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